Liliane Lopes: A Strong Arm I see him in a river... At...

A Strong Arm

I see him in a river... At first, I could not see anything but his arms, his strong arms… suddenly I focus on his eyes and saw that he was looking at an unknown place. In that moment, everything was all right, calm and silent… But his expression was not calm, he was not relaxed. There is something that worries him, not in that moment or in that river… It was something that is inside of him. In a place in the south of Brazil, there is a man with strong arms and strong face who has a dream: be happy. When I see him in that beautiful place, alone, I thought that loneliness is a special thing sometimes. It makes us observers of life, observers of people… I consider myself an observer, a lonely observer… this is the bad side of loneliness. It can be with us until the time we don’t notice its presence…. After, it’s sad, and it hurts. When I saw him in that river, alone, I notice that he does not want to be alone anymore… he wants someone to divide particular things, particular moments… as that river, for example…. Someone which will love him sincerely, deeply… someone who will understand him, someone to be protected in those strong arms, someone to live a love for the whole life… However, where is she? Nobody knows… first of all, she’s in his mind, in his dreams, in his ways to face love, in his expectations about what is love. I wonder if she is also looking for him… Yes she is, and when they meet each other, they will know, they will feel, they will be not alone anymore. He is strong, but now I’m not talking about his arms, he is strong inside and it can be noticed in his eyes, in his way to express himself with words, in the way he looks at that unknown point. In fact, he knows what point is that. He knows what he wants, and he will fight to reach it.

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