R.A.L.: "Funny thing that is. A heartbeat....

"Funny thing that is. A heartbeat. Makes you wonder.
It's probably the last thing you'll think about when you try to analyze what is it that you value most in your life. And, yet.. it's there for you, none the less. Keeps you going, never stops working to keep you on your feet, until its own life ceases. Such a dear thing to do. I do thank my own heart for being there for me, always.Still, this marvelous thing, the heartbeat, is so comparable to other things around you. Other things that, too, along with the heartbeat, keep you going. And I'm not talking about breathing. Something a little more 'external'. Even though, as the heartbeat, they belong in your heart. I'm talking about people.
Of course, not any kind of people. The people that care for you, the ones that, as the heartbeat, keep you going, never stop working to keep you on your feet. Even though you may not thank that kind of people. they're still there for you, whenever possible. Like the heartbeat. However, people, like heartbeats, are not eternal. People, even special people, come and go. Like heartbeats. And, like my heartbeats, I'm gonna miss like hell those people when they're gone.

Afterall, 'death is just a heartbeat away'."

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