Maria Izabel da Silva Thomáz: I do not know Jassi personally, only for...

I do not know Jassi personally, only for telinha of the Orkut where we change words when it coincides finding in them. Jassi is a wonderful man as human being, good friend and for its way to lead makes me to the subjects to believe to be person about ilibada, honest behavior and decent. beyond being physically a charming man, attractive, pretty, sexi and because not to say appetizing and convidativo. It is to leave any woman in the expectation. The smile of Jassi, all shines its love and affection for the people. No matter how hard if it searchs phrases in the words the true merit of this only called being Jassi is not reached. Thus all feel I it of my heart. I love you Jassi and that all the people who to feel will to say loves that you, that say, you very it is wanted and loved for me and it can be for the world. God does not allow that they dim its brightness, therefore its star is the Sun. One I hug and an affectionate kiss of a distant person, has who you here inside of the Heart.

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