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Dou a ele sua solidão. Poucas pessoas querem testemunhas para sua dor, e o luto é a pior de todas.

Uma Tocha na Escuridão - Sabaa Tahir -Página 174

One must know the problem better than the solution, or the solution becomes the problem.

The Fever Code - James Dashner
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Ray: Violence is a disease. You don’t cure a disease by spreading it to more people.
Sandor: You don’t cure it by dying, either.

Game of Thrones - Season 6 - Episode 7

High Sparrow: The poor disgust us because they are us, shorn of our illusions. They show us what we’d look like without our fine clothes. How’d we smell without perfume.

Game of Thrones - Season 6 - Episode 7

Margaery: I've had lots of time to think about how good I was at seeming good. All those stories I told myself about who I was and why I did the things I did. There were so many lies in those stories.

Game of Thrones - Season 6 - Episode 6

O medo da perda... pode destruí-la tanto quanto a própria perda.

Trono de Vidro Tomo 2 - Sarah J. Maas - Página 195

Melissa McCall: Listen, dumbass, I'm going to let you in on a secret that most guys don't even have a clue about, alright? You ready? Women love words. You need to tell her how you feel. Just say it. Say it again. Say it differently. Learn how to say it better. Learn how to sing it. Just write it in a poem, or in a letter attached to flowers. Carve it in a tree, in a sidewalk with cement, tattoo it on your arm. Just tell her the truth. Tell her anything and everything you want.

Teen Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 13

Something cold and hard shattered within the boy’s chest, the pieces falling with jagged edges, tearing at him.

The Fever Code - James Dashner - Chapter One
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“What the bloody hell?” he [Newt] mumbled under his breath, a phrase he’d learned from his father.

The Fever Code - James Dashner - Chapter One
Tags: maze runner

Rui: Right now, you could ask me to go anywhere at any time.

Hana Yori Dango - Season 2 - Episode 7
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Rui: I wonder when it happened?
Makino: When what happened?
Rui: When I started liking you.
Makino: What are you talking about? You have Shizuka-san already.
Rui: I've seen you cry, laugh and get angry. I always saw how hectic your life was. At first I thought you were annoying, but watching how hard you worked at everything, kinda stirred something inside me. Up until then, I always had a cold attitude towards everything. Since I've met you, I started changing inside a little bit at a time. Then one day, you became an integral part of my life. And whenever you're not around, I start to feel lonely.
And even when you went to New York... me, Soujiroh and Akira were all laughing. We thought "Makino's probably doing something dumb in New York right now." Before I realized it, I was standing right in front of you in New York. I guess I must like you.

Hana Yori Dango - Season 2 - Episode 5
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Harrison: Well, I think that a man often meets his destiny on the very road he takes to avoid it.

The Flash - 3 temporada - Eps 10
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Hanabi: Although love will make you blind... why won't he understand? Why can't he see things the way I do?

Scum's wish (Kuzu no Honkai) - Episode 3
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[...]"Hate is a word that's greatly misused," he said. "It gets called on for everything, when really the word needed is dislike." His voice dipped low."Hatred is a strong, crippling emotion. It destroys you from the inside, because the fact is you can't truly hate someone you never once loved." He turned to Aron. "It's the abuse of the love we once had that give us the ability to hate."

Playing With Fire - SF Mazhar - Page 406
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Muitos mentirosos não têm imaginação; é isso que faz com que suas mentiras sejam convincentes.

A Bússola de Ouro - Capítulo 15
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Jane: You don't have to be so negative.

The Mentalist - Season 6 - Episode 21
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Merlin: Some choices are easy. Some stay with you forever.

Merlin - Season 3 - Episode 11
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Merlin: It's... lonely. To be more powerful than any man you know, and have to live like a shadow. To be special, and have to pretend you're a fool. I know how it feels, I... understand.

Merlin - Season 3 - Episode 11
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The Dragon: The problem is, young warlock, that you wish to talk but you don't wish to listen.

Merlin - Season 3 - Episode 3
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Elliot: That's what this is all about, the yesses and nos of life. But do we decide them or do they decide us?

Mr Robot - Season 1 - Episode 2
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