Camilinha Ignacio: Don't look through me. How many times I...

Don't look through me.

How many times I have heard you say how much you had loved her?

And how many times I wondered what would it be if there was you and me?

I know deep inside I can make you happy, what is it you don't wanna see?

My life's been a nightmare lately, I get angry if you don't remember about me....I then decide giving up on everything....I erase all that reminds me of you....but come, and you smile at me.

And I just feel so helpless, that I can't do another thing but give myself to you and be sure My heart is thine...

The days pass by and you don't even look for me, and hurts me most you don't even know I'm here, aching for you.

Do you even think of me? Is there at least a teeny tiny chance that would make you consider myself as your one and truly?

Or is she the only one who has ever crossed your mind?

Certaintly this is not something I've chosen to feel...but it's here, inside of me, hurting me with every pounding of my heart.

And what am I to do now? I feel addicted to you...strung out in a way I've never been at anything before....for I've always had a feeling for you, even though now it feels much more pure and true.

Baby....I want you...

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