Maria Izabel da Silva Thomáz: GOD SCORPION: To love To never love is...


To love To never love is in goes To love is as summer rain Rays and thunders Water in profusion That it makes marshy the soil It makes to overflow rivers But the sun comes back to shine Immediately afterwards Giving continuity To the great mystery of the life Love is blessing of God Who only receives It is that it perceives E thus is more close to its… Who loves walks in clouds Without fear of them to fall It can be in highest of the tops It will make it to nothing to give up, When the smile is loved is wide The tear drains as dew Crowning of full joy To who it loves without badness Crying only of happiness… Who loves entoa sings it beautiful more As of the bird in the end of the afternoon That returns for its castle In a simple twig of cedar. To love is to laugh at pain E to cry with the happiness Knowing that the love It is made of this duplicity… To love is to ask for and to be thankful Without never discouraging With the certainty that everything goes to only receive Having that to wait… It always loves E each day more It loves with the force that comes of the viscera and believes that with love everything is capable!

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