Rafael Quintão: Everything that makes me think .. Its...

Everything that makes me think ..

Its simplicity is its brilliance.
I love your smile, breathe, and the captive behind a sigh.
Perhaps you have not provided a shelter,
Most know nothing but a wise friend.

Well, it is.
Destination? No. It's a way
More will be that one day I can be a source of your smile,
I do not know, I do not know.
More hope to dream about you,
For thus, will be the centerpiece of your affection.

Yeah, I'm crazy, crazy for being just another deluded
More I know, I know that everything is disguise,
Stop, stop this thy falsehood,
From a stop, and will soon love me.

Everything that makes me think ..
It is reason to remember,
You, only you!

It will not, will not,
Let me feed my hope.
Perhaps, perhaps,
You be my covenant.
A love of three, just do it.
They think we're made for each other,
More has
Where to find us crazy.
By just being,
Crazy for you.

Well, it is ..
May not yet have touched,
More know, and I know that I am still a poor guy ..

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